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About CMS

Centurion Microflight School is a dynamic and exciting flight school based at the Grasslands Airfield in Centurion. Founded by Pieter Kriel, CMS’s CFI(Chief flight instructor) an expert instructor with years of flight and flight instruction experience.

Examination Center

CMS has it’s own onsite CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Accredited and Approved Exam Center where you will be able to complete all your CAA required theoretical exams.


Are you already holding a WCM, CCM or LSA type rating and would like to convert to another rating? CMS offers you the option to do just that. Click on the button below to view the conversion requirements for each Type Rating

Adventure flights

Ever wanted to experience the freedom of  flying with wind in your hair? Book a adventure flight in a microlite with us today! CMS offers the most exciting, Free and scenic flying experience imaginable.

Intro Flights

Ever thought of about flying yourself? Our instructors will show you the basic operation of WCM and CCM Rated Aircraft and let you take control under the supervision of a experienced instructor.

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